My niece and I were e-mailing about 2020

She wrote “I’m worried as well and can’t seem to decide which dem I think can win! Who do you think?” This was my response.

Thanks for the excuse of trying to unpack your question that’s on everyone’s mind.

From inside my Upper West Side liberal bubble it’s hard to get a picture of what’s going on west of the Hudson. The prospect of Trump winning is real, horrifying and sickening.

The thing about being retired is that I can do stuff like this on a Thursday morning before I spend the rest of my day writing unpublished letters to the editor, inquiries to various disinterested authors, spending hours on the phone talking to tech support kids, named John Smith, in Manila then rejecting requests for a brief survey on how the call went or trying to get an airline to waive the $60 charge to reserve an aisle seat because of my knee.Then there’s lunch somewhere between 12 and 12:03 and then before my nap I spend some time trying and failing to understand the incomprehensible stream of letters that arrive every day from Medicare.

Retired lawyer and past winner Funniest NYC Lawyer contest. His “Sorting out the Mess” appeared in “2020 The Year That Changed America” edited by Kevin Powell